I had a year of loss – my Mum and Dad died, my brother in law died and my relationship ended and then I lost my job.  I was offered a retreat at The Narrows Retreat as a parting gift from my job.  I embraced the opportunity to attend with open arms.  I knew that it would involve some rest and recuperation time and also tips for new directions for my future.  I had lost my enthusiasm for life and was very low in energy so I thought this must be meant to be to get me back on track.

The first step was to go and visit with Kavita at the Narrows Retreat to talk about what I needed and to orientate me to her home and family.  Then, the next week I went to stay from Monday to Friday.  I was welcomed with a foot bath and massage which was heavenly.  Then, all week, to have one on one time with Kavita was really amazing for me.  We had breakfast together and lunch and then dinner was with the family and that was lovely indeed.  Kavita had many exercises for me to do and with her gentle help and guidance I found things about myself that I hadn’t seen before which really helped me to find new hope for my future happiness.  During my stay II had a lovely massage with a very caring massage therapist and I joined in with Kavita’s yoga classes. There was also some valuable free time for reading and Kavita’s collection of books was inspiring.

The day I left for home I could have been feeling anxious but Kavita helped me to put things in place for that transition and knowing that I would be coming back to see her in the next two weeks and then again, two weeks after that, was very comforting.  I went home feeling a lot more energy than when I went there.  My neighbour remarked that it was nice to see me smile and really mean it.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had this time.  When else can one just rest and be and not have to worry about all of the things that need doing.  To be and think helped me transition through this time of pain and I still have the tools with me and valuable learnings from the time spent.

Thank you Kavita!