The Narrows Retreat is delighted to offer a wide selection of corporate yoga and meditation retreats ranging from day workshops to multi-day residential retreats. You can come to us or we can come to you. We cater to groups of all sizes and offer day and overnight retreats with accommodation and meals.

Our programmes are very flexible. We can cater to beginners with no prior experience as well as to experienced practitioners. We are also able to cover a wide array of topics to suit the interests and needs of your team.

The Narrows Retreat is located minutes from the airport in Hamilton, and is easily accessible from Auckland, Tauranga, Taupo and Rotorua.

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Science & Meditation

Over the past few years dozens of scientific studies have emerged showing how a regular mediation practice can slow age-related brain loss, improve sleep quality, and even help with addiction.

Science is coming to recognize that meditation changes people’s brains. Research has revealed that meditation can significantly improve the brain’s ability to learn and remember, lower the intensity and frequency of migraines, reduce the feeling of pain, and decrease the occurrence of everyday anxiety.

Meditation & Corporate Training

The start of 2015 saw the release of Mindful Work, a book by New York Times reporter David Gelles that chronicles the story of how many of America’s large companies, such as General Mills, Target, Google, Ford and Aetna, have introduced meditation programmes for their employees and have found the practice to have tangible benefits. Not only do their employees report lower stress levels, but the at-work meditation programmes are helping the bottom line too. Aetna estimated that since implementing its meditation programme, the company has saved $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs and gained $3,000 per employee in productivity.

It’s beginning to happen here in New Zealand too, just not quite to the same level. Companies in New Zealand are slowly beginning to incorporate meditation in their corporate wellness programmes especially where the leaders themselves have taken up meditation and experienced the benefits and they now want to pass it onto the employees.


What is Meditation?

Is it simply a way to relax, or is it just blanking the mind? And, how does it actually work? Do you just sit still hoping your stresses will melt away? Or do you need to actively engage in some techniques?

Meditation is both an art and a science. It is more than just quietening the mind. It is often the emotional turbulence that causes us more grief than the restless mind. Calm the heart and your mind will naturally find itself at ease.

Through a series of seminars and guided practices, our fun and interactive retreats will cover the following:

Learn simple yet effective meditation techniques that you can begin to practise immediately to calm the restless mind and cultivate an expansive state of being
• Learn about the three states of consciousness and how you can elevate your mind to the highest state
• Learn how to lift your energy levels so you can deepen concentration and prevent yourself from drifting into a sleepy state
• Learn how you to employ these meditation techniques to manage everyday moments of stress, indecision, and unrest; develop greater focus at work; and for an overall calmer and more productive existence
• Develop emotional intelligence and learn how you can use the natural love of the heart to speed you on your way towards higher consciousness
• Learn how to extend the positive effects of meditation into the workplace and into your life

For more information on our corporate retreats and to see a sampling of our retreat programmes click here.

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