Calm the mind, increase energy levels and learn to heal yourself in body, mind and soul.
Are you having trouble sleeping? Constantly feeling overwhelmed and frazzled? Racing mind? Unease that stops you feeling at peace? Taking pills but don’t feel much better?

Through private one-on-one sessions you will learn

  • Step by step methods for meditation
  • Techniques for managing your energy levels
  • Methods for self healing

    Peace of Mind, sign

    Who is it for?

  • You’d like to experience inner peace and tranquility
  • You feel overwhelmed, frazzled and distracted
  • You have difficulty concentrating
  • You are looking for new ways to manage anxiety and low moods
  • You are looking for new ways for healing body, mind and soul
    All techniques are based on the firm foundation of yogic science.
    Sample 8-week programme

    Week 1 Meditation Basics
    Week 2 Improving concentration
    Week 3 Working with feelings
    Week 4 Establishing a meditation practice
    Week 5 Principles and practice of Energy and Energisation Part 1
    Week 6 Energy and Energisation Part 2
    Week 7 Principles and practice of Energy healing
    Week 8 Wrap up and Moving forward – Next steps

    Sessions are 75 minutes long.

    Each week you will go away with a small piece of homework which includes practice of the techniques learnt during the session and a reading.

    To gain maximum benefit try and practice the techniques twice daily. In the first week , 5 minutes at a time is all we ask you to practice. As you progress through the weeks and begin to experience results, you will naturally want to practice for longer periods.

    Fee for the 8 week package: $599

    For more information or to purchase this package, drop us a line..