This course has been developed by Ananda Worldwide as part of their 5-step course in Self-Realisation, a comprehensive home study course in Yoga and Meditation, based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.


Step 1: Meditation For Beginners

A 4-week course that teaches you simple yet powerful techniques of meditation that will help calm your heart and mind, and allow you to feel more peace, tranquility and joy in your life.

Course Start Date: This course runs every month. Click here to see schedule.

Topics covered include:
•  What is meditation
•  Learning to relax
•  Focus and concentration
•  Expanding the mind
•  Bringing meditation into daily activity

Step 2: The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

Develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga with this 10-week course while establishing a solid meditation practice, and making like-minded friends along the way.

Course Start Date: Tuesday 7 February, 2017

The course covers:
•  Philosophy of Yoga
•  Application of Yogic Principles to daily living
•  Meditation practice
•  Breathing techniques
•  Healing principles and techniques
•  Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga: An eightfold path to inner peace
•  How to enhance your energy levels
•  Understanding the concept of “Magnetism”
•  Diet

Step 3: Course in Discipleship

No one would think twice about seeking an expert guide when climbing a mountain, learning a musical instrument, or becoming a competitive athlete. Yet in attaining spiritual freedom, surely the most difficult endeavour of all, many try to make their own way by cobbling together various beliefs and practices. Often these choices are based on nothing more than personal likes and dislikes.

This course explains why a guru is needed, what a true guru is, and how to follow the guru. It also clears up many common misunderstandings on the subject that are prevalent in current spiritual thinking.

Course Start Date: Upon completion of Art and Science of Raja Yoga

The course covers:
•  Understanding the need for a Guru
•  The Disciple’s part
•  Life with a Master
•  Attunement to the Guru
•  Discpleship to Paramhansa Yogananda

Step 4: Preparation for Kriya Yoga

Preparation for Kriya Yoga is available by permission to those who have studied the first three steps, and have performed the Discipleship Initiation ceremony in Step Three.

It gives instruction in the Aum technique of meditation, one of the four principle techniques that are part of the path of Kriya Yoga (the other three are the Energization Exercises and Hong-Sau technique given in Step One, and the Kriya technique in Step Five), as well as other practices to help prepare them for initiation into Kriya Yoga. It also includes lessons in deepening the practice of those techniques, and in deepening one’s meditation.

Course Start Date: Upon completion of Course in Discipleship

Step 5: Kriya Initiation Ceremony

A beautiful traditional Indian ceremony where you receive initiation into the sacred path of Kriya Yoga.

Paramhansa Yogananda stated that Kriya Yoga is the most advanced technique for reaching the goal of Yoga, or union with the Divine.

Those who have completed the first four steps of the Ananda Course, which typically takes about one year, are eligible to apply for initiation into Kriya.

Ceremony Date:



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