Spa-like pampering for your soul

Feeling like you’re in the doldrums, nothing’s moving? Perhaps your negativity is increasing and your motivation is declining.

Like a renewing facial or a rejuvenating massage for your soul, the 2-hour renewal is a perfect way to give your life a little boost.

We provide the time, tools and professional guidance to help you gain fresh perspectives and new insights, and equip you with a solid plan that will allow you to return to your life filled with renewed passion and purpose.

The 2-hour renewal is perfect for you if you are experiencing:

  • Feeling stuck and nothing seems to be moving
  • Low energy levels
  • Feeling lost, and lacking a sense of purpose
  • Restless and indecisive about your next steps in life
  • Busy, stressed and overwhelmed


Here is what others say about this retreat

“It was all very soul nourishing for me. I came away rested and revitalised.” – RB

“I went home feeling so much better” – RC

“Kavita thank you. Genuinely. You have and do help so much. It really helps to balance me. Today you ignited my true passion that can also be my hobby – a little business” – PE

Fee: $150.00

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