Yoga for the absolute beginner

Are you new to yoga? Don’t really want to come to a group class?

Try a private yoga class either one-on-one or with your own group of friends, family or colleagues.

Coming to a yoga class can be a little scary at first, especially when you are new to it. So we have made it easy for you. Get in touch with us and we will organise a private class just for you or for your group.

75-minute consultation fee: $90
4-week package: $250
6-week package: $360
8-week package: $450

Yoga Postures Demystified

You may be able to hold a tree, a triangle or a downward dog, but are you doing it properly?

Yoga is not just another form of exercise. The benefits of yoga poses go way beyond just the physical. A regular yoga practice can induce relaxation, help with stress management, and leave you feeling energised, strong and flexible. But you have to learn to practice it properly.

This specialised yoga class is available for individuals and groups.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish a personal practice in a way that’s safe
  • Prepare using flexibilities
  • Set up a pose
  • Get into a pose properly
  • Modify a pose to suit your body’s abilities
  • Breathe properly to energise your body in a pose
  • Balance your practice with a counter pose
  • Stay safe throughout your practice
  • Bring yoga skills into daily life

75-minute consultation fee: $90
4-week package: $250
6-week package: $360
8-week package: $450


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